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How are you?

(I am really asking)

The almost automatic answer is mostly "just fine"', "doing my best" or "great" as part of the nice try to deal with high stress levels of life and to meet the immense expectations of both ourselves and others.

Sometimes the unspoken answer is "not fine at all", mostly because of well-hidden feelings or life situations:

Feeling isolated in this seemingly open and connected world.

Reaching life's crossroads.

Traumatic experiences from both the near and the distant past.


Crisis within relationships or one's career path .

Dealing either with either an illness or an injury - either of ours or our loved ones. 

Feeling stuck or alienation even though life seems to be “just fine”. 

Common signals of physical distress are burn-out syndrome, depression, hypersensitivity, insomnia, panic attacks, reoccurring pain and illness without any clear medical findings, sexual dysfunction, IBS or eating disorders - just like a "wake-up call" from the body.

Although the body isn’t just a collection of symptoms, it can also be an anchor, a refuge, a resource that is capable of learning and giving solace – if it could only get attention and reconnection to mind and psyche.

I believe in the possibility to choose, at any given point in time, to choose a new path in life, "the road not (yet) taken".

Recognizing the distress, choosing not to face it alone anymore and seeking for therapy is a brave choice (sometimes a tough one), and I accompany respectfully each and every one in their unique journey.

Beyond my professional experience, I offer curiosity and sensitivity in exploring the inner world that composes every individual. I offer my full presence and connection in a safe and supportive therapeutic relationship and space, in order to find the path to a fuller life, compassionate relationships and freedom from physical and emotional suffering.

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