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About me


Carolin Ruth Jakoby

  • born 1965 in Augsburg/Germany, living in Israel since 1996

  • practicing Body-Psychotherapy (relational and mindfulness-based), full member of the European Association for Bodypsychotherapy EABP


Professional Qualification and Training

Diploma Body Psychotherapy (5 years)

Reidman College/Israel in cooperation with the IPSB International Professional School of Bodywork, San Diego, USA and EABP European Association of Bodypsychotherapy, Switzerland

Diploma Relational Body Psychotherapy (3 years)

The Israeli Centre for Mind-Body Medicine/Israel

Further studies of Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy (3 years)

Bar Ilan University/Israel

Ongoing professional supervision and training in holistic-oriented, developmental and transgenerational trauma, ongoing training in Mindfulness

Clinical Experience

Since 2008 private practice body-oriented psychotherapy with individuals

Practical training in the mental health center/Be'er Yaakov, under the supervision of Dr. Sergio Marchevsky (2009/10)

Member of the teaching staff at Reidman College/Tel Aviv and The Israeli Centre of Mind-Body Medicine (2010 - 2014)

Volunteering at various Israeli and German institutions (since 2006)

Some Life Experience... 

Beside my formal training and studies, I was and I still am "trained by life" - by the constant change of the inner and outer world, my moving between languages and cultures, crossroads, losses, break-downs and break-throughs, new beginnings, motherhood.

The arts (photography in particular), literature, cooking, writing, movement and occasional trips to the nature, guided my inspiration.

I experienced humanity and the healing potential in human connection, the freedom to choose the "road not (yet) taken" in life; therefore, I deeply believe in my work as well as in my commitment as a therapist and human being.

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